Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Ok so i received my T91 yesterday and i was finally able to install Linux on it.

Currently its still downloading package from the network.

But in case anyone has problem installing Linux on an Asus T91 touch screen netbook, here is how i did it.

This is based on Fedora 11 installation, it will surely differ if you use another distro.

Here are some pre-req you need to have to follow my instruction.
a. A Asus T91 HAHAHA
b. At least a 512MB USB key to hold a live CD image of net-install (i used fedora 11 net-install) I strongly suggest a net-install as it is much smaller so will fit on smaller USB key and since i was unable to install from the USB key, having a whole DVD on it wont help.

1. Download the iso for your linux distribution.

2. You must have a empty USB key. If its not empty well im not responsible if you loose something.

3. Get the unetbootin software for either linux or windows, depending on what OS you have available. Unetbootin is a standalone apps, no need to install anything, but it might requiere high privileges so.. try it and tell me. ( http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ )

4. Now fire up unetbootin and follow the instruction, it is pretty straight forward. Choose your USB key drive letter, pick the iso and then write it to the usb key.

5. Now is the tricky part... ok boot your T91, if it boots directly to windows then shut down windows and follow these steps to setup the boot sequence.

5a. Have your USB key plugged in.

5b. Press ESC to display the Asus screen and then F2 to enter the bios.

5c. Go to the boot menu and select hard drive, then only keep the one entry which read has your usb key. There should be a SATA drive which is your SSD.

5d. Then hit ESC and go to the last menu and hit "save and exit"

5e. Your T91 should boot on the USB key.

6. Ok once you have booted it will ask you the usual question, then it will ask you where is the installation image is located. I haven't been able to use the CD rom (as there are no cdrom in the pc) neither hard drive, has it would not list the usb key in the hard drive. ( it was only listing sdb and sdc, and from the various message tty i could see the USB key was sda) So i had to use the URL method.

There just go to fedora website and find a mirror near you.
( http://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/publiclist/Fedora/11/ )

Then click throught the repo until you find this folder
( example: http://less.cogeco.net/ftp/fedora/linux/releases/11/Fedora/i386/os/ )

Use this URL has the installation URL, it needs to find the images/install.img

7. Then it should download the file and start the Anaconda Installer. From there follow the installation instruction. If it ask for the repo file then give it the same URL as before ( to the os directory)

Then it should start installing package and your in for a long download. ( 1164 packages for me)

8. Dont forget once you reboot to change the bios again so that it boots on the SATA drive in the future.

Please tell me if you have a better way or any comment you think might be useful